My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,

there is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold.

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Hazel eyes scrutinized the waves, dissecting the water’s every facet with their intensity. The sea breeze picked up, and for a moment, it seemed as if the lithe figure would be toppled from the force. But she fixed her stance, and pushed back against the wind.

The dark haired girl sighed, and began picking her way closer to the shoreline. Around her, scattered debris and refuse laid half buried in the sand, temporary monuments to what had once been a lighthouse and who knew what else. But her thoughts did not linger on the remains as she continued to the water.

Once at the water’s edge, she selected a rock and perched quietly upon it, gaze still latched on the surf. She had never been away from her home for so long. What had it been, a few weeks, or more than a month? Time meant little to her kind, after all. But it had been a while. Long enough for the girl to learn how to walk with more confidence, even though she still stumbled at times. One bare foot stretched out, her toes making ripples on the glassy surface. Not enough water for the change, but enough to remind her of how much she missed the sea.



The name fell from her lips before her mind could register the presence of the other. Almost instantly, she yearned to dive below the waves, leave the burning sun and screaming gulls behind, and rejoin her sister.

Yet she refrained.


She had seen the figure from a distance, slowly wandering down the island’s shore, and it hadn’t taken long for her to recognize her familiar features and quiet nature.  She was quite different from any other mermaid Tamara had ever known, and though she often grew frustrated with her lack of aggression, now was the moment to put all that aside…temporarily at least. 

The last time she had seen Syrena was that dreaded night, the night of the invasion, the night the coven of White Cap Bay was still recovering from.  Many had been injured, burned and sliced from the attack, and many others had been lost.  All of the bodies had been accounted for, the remains found and mourned over, all but one: Syrena.  They had searched for her, but there was no trace.  They could only come to the conclusion that she had been taken, in which case little could be done.  

But she was alive, walking on legs down the shores of her home, and though Tamara rarely felt emotion like it, she felt relieved and willing to be slightly kinder.  Her head was above the surface, watching her sister, and after a moment of recovery from her shock, she slowly began to swim forward, approaching her for the first time since that night. 

She arrived at the shore, looking up at her with a thoughtful, yet soft look, a calm and relieved aura about her.  The blonde allowed a few moments of silence, before deciding to acknowledge her, emphasizing the heaviness of the realization. 

"You’re alive," Tamara finally said, surprise and gratefulness in her tone.

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Details of a rig.

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Who is the Monster? || Syrena and Tamara


She means to go after the child and his mother instead? Syrena was sure her face was noticeably pale now, and she had no way of concealing it.

Could she still keep her secret from her sister?  She might be able to grab the child and allow him to escape, but Tamara would still grab the wife, and the family would be split.  Could she possibly convince her sister to try for another target?  Syrena eyed her sister’s determined features, the bloodthirsty glint in her eyes. No, there was no changing Tamara’s mind now.

Syrena was silent, trying to find the right words to make the best of the situation. “But if the Man does settle on one to save, he’ll be able to grab them easily, and we’ll be trapped.”

"Then at least we will successfully have gotten one.  We can continue to hunt for more," Tamara replied confidently, turning to look at Syrena. 

Her sister looked different, noticeably pale and on edge.  The leader studied her for a moment, assessing her for weakness.  This behavior was becoming more and more common in Syrena, she was noticing, and it was beginning to worry her. 

"Can you do this, Syrena?" she asked bluntly, her eyes analyzing her sister’s reactions and challenging her abilities. 

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The Festival || Tamara and Ariel


Ariel was stunned. All she could do was stand there, completely speechless as the mermaid’s words hung in the air, an uncomfortable silence settling between them. It was as if Tamara knew exactly what the redhead’s insecurities were and had every intention of using them to her advantage. 

It had been a lingering thought in the back of her mind ever since she was engaged to Eric—what would people think of her? Her mermaid heritage was not necessarily a secret, although it was not common knowledge either. She only revealed it to people whom she trusted wholeheartedly, and it was one of the major dilemmas that came with the territory of being a mermaid-turned-human. And now, Tamara had played right into the darkest corner of Ariel’s fears, recalling to the surface the worries that she had attempted to dismiss as foolish. The mermaid’s words cut right into her, but Ariel was determined not to appear weak before her. She wasn’t going to go down without a fight.  


"That’s not true! How can you be sure they don’t already know I used to be a mermaid?” 

This was just like an Atlantican.  Those gentle, spineless, weak mermaids who hid from their problems and would be too scared to lift a finger against the humans, no matter how terrible the humans were to them.  For years, Tamara had watched their interactions with world in disgust, thinking them the weakest of all covens.  Syrena had called them gentle in their defense, but gentleness was weak

Tamara sarcastically softened her face, raising an eyebrow instead at Ariel’s reply. 

"Oh, so you mean to tell me they already know?  That your prince and his kingdom accepts you as you are and holds no ill-will against you?” 

Her sarcastic gentleness exploded again into rage as she drove home her point.  “Of course they are!  They will use you to learn our mermaid ways and use it against us, attack again as they always do!  Mark my words, your highness, the next time White Cap Bay, or even Atlantica is attacked, I will know exactly who to blame.”    

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At least her spell had passed inspection! Megara was nothing if not a meticulous spell caster, and she took pride in the quality of her work. She took a moment to practice moving her new tail, and nodded at Tamara.

"I’ll do just that," she said, surprised at how she could now speak underwater. "I would guard a secret hideaway too, or else there would be no purpose in having one! Lead on, if you will."

Tamara nodded, her blonde hair moving fluidly in the water, before shooting off with a kick of her tail.  They did not have far to go, for Tamara had not been straying very far, and within minutes, the mermaids reached the entrance to the bay.  Quite a few mermaids were hovering in the water, turning to look at them with curious, cautious eyes as they approached, while others were gone, out on a hunt most likely.  Tamara ignored their stares, indirectly indicating that she knew what she was doing and knew who she was with.  With another flick of her tail up, she poked her head through the surface and looked into the bay, a sandy, deserted shore in the distance with a lighthouse and remains of bones. 

"This is White Cap Bay," she explained, proud of her home, as barren as it was.  "We linger here and protect it, but this is also where greedy pirates come to attack us for our tears…and for revenge.  We are not always here, of course, but it is where we gather when we are not hunting or scouting the sea." 

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18 & 19!

18. Phobia

So, I know I play a fearless mermaid, but….I’m terrified of sharks and other scary sea creatures with teeth, both real and fictional…  Like seriously, they make up some of my most frightening nightmares….

19. Middle name

Shea.  Given to me by my grandmother who died about a year before I was born. 

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20. Anything you want to ask

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White Cap Bay ~ myjollysailorbold


The ocean could be so empty at times. 

Aris had been living on the edge of a village for most of her memories. Raised by a harmless, childless couple, she had spent her days at a distance from the other children, taking lessons when she could, but keeping to herself more often than not. 

She knew she wasn’t one of them.

Her first memories haunted her nightly. She laid awake, staring at the ceiling, remembering the firing of the cannons, the screams of her family, and the vanishing of her mother. 

She hadn’t seen another mermaid since. 

Aris often ran to the sea. She found her rare solace in the depths beneath the waves. The only time she felt peace, she was there, hidden in the cold waters that seemed to be more of a home than the place she spent her growing years. She had wanted to leave so many times… Her parents loved her, but they were not her parents. Her life was good, by human standards, but it left her empty. Her true form was her secret, severing her from anyone she might call friend. 

The sea, in all its glory, was silent today. No schools of fish swarmed around her. No boats passed on the horizon. There was nothing in that vast blue world. 

Nothing save for a flash of light in the very corner of her eye. Yet, when she looked, it was gone. 

Out of protection and curiosity, Tamara made it her business to know all, both human and mermaid affairs.  Knowledge had a way of providing her with power and the more she knew, the more powerful she felt.  She knew of villages and towns, and the types of humans that lived there.  She knew of other mermaid covens and the level of threat or alliance they posed to White Cap Bay.  She could usually identify any creature she saw as friend or foe.  But not this one.

Tamara had seen a mermaid, swimming about by herself off the coast of a quaint village.  Never was she with another, always by herself, and no matter how hard Tamara tried, she couldn’t identify the coven she belonged to.  This stumped the proud mermaid and she spent several long months attempting to solve the riddle. 

It wasn’t until one, calm day, the solution struck her.  She remembered a day, decades ago, when a group of mermaids attacked that very town.  It was a bloody day for all, both human and mermaid, and there were some that did not make it back.  Being the unaffectionate leader that she was, Tamara cared not for the logistics of who, but the longer she considered it, the more plausible the answer became.  Perhaps this lone mermaid was one of their own.  Perhaps she was captured on that bloody day and raised in the village as a human.  Perhaps she could be an important key to finding out the greater weaknesses of that most hated species….

Determined to discover if her theory was true, Tamara set off towards the village, in search of the lost mermaid she had seen all the months ago.  Whether by fate or some other power, she found her, swimming about in silence and peace.  The blonde’s eyes widened in excitement, anxious to begin her strategic chase. 

The girl was not as alert as other mermaids, that much was clear, so Tamara swam by her, playing with her senses and feeling out her level of aggression.  Depending on her reaction, she would move from there, careful not to scare her away. 

1 week ago
Of Rage || Delphine and Tamara

The water moved under the crashing of waves and pounding of rain, as thunder clapped above the surface.  The sky lit with lightning, flashes of power striking the surface, as the storm, the powerful storm, raged on, captivating Tamara’s envious eyes.  The mermaid lived for nights like these, not only for the meals it provided of drowned men lost at sea, but for the power that nature displayed in it.  She could see it best from her secret and private cave, which housed hundreds of human bones, her trophies of past kills.  She sat there now, her tail resting in the water at the cave’s edge, and her hands propping her up on the dry ground.  She had brought her newest friend with her to the cave, to show her the splendor of nature at work.  The cave was her biggest secret, in fact there were very few who knew of it, but after securing an alliance between covens, Tamara had learned to trust her, and had decided to give her the honor of coming with her to the cave in order to show her the glory of the storm.  

"Wonderful, isn’t it?" she mused to Delphine, "How nature can display such power and rage."  

1 week ago

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